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Overby Watches mission is to share Baltany watches with the U.S. As an authorized reseller, we work directly with Baltany to provide U.S. inventory, continental U.S. free shipping, U.S. customer service, and a two year warranty. 

Overby Watches is owned and operated by Overby Sales, LLC, formed in North Dakota in 2014. Paul Overby is the owner. Paul has been selling on eBay since 2015. 

For inquiries, please contact Paul Overby at


Baltany's mission is simple: bring to life classic timepieces using the latest watchmaking technology. Baltany creates homages that maintain the spirit of the original timepieces, but with the reliability and ease of wear that modern manufacturing provides. Founded in 2010, Baltany continues to provide quality timepieces at affordable prices. 

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